Fixing Color Ink Cartridge in HP Printers

With high-quality printers and computers, HP has designed a line of affordable products along with best features. It creates a sense of good investment in the mind of the user while purchasing as well using its products. But apart from being user-friendly, Hp can face some technical glitches or can have problems.

If your color cartridge does not give you best results, then try the below steps for trying to get the printer running-

a. Start with removing and replacing the HP color cartridge. If required, release the holster locking structure after opening the HP printer cover. Until and unless the ink doesn’t release from the holster pull the color ink cartridge upward and outward. To reinstall the cartridge back, just reverse the removal process. Just ensure that the locking mechanism is fully closed after it clicks into its place.

b. To check whether the color cartridge is installed in its place or not, carefully see the slots. If it is placed in the wrong location, it will only affect the color cartridge to give incorrect prints. If location is the issue, then replace it for better results.

c. Now, remove it and check that the tape which covers the copper print head contacts is not displaced. If there is any tape left in the ink cartridge, remove it and replace the ink back on the printer.

d. Now, run an automatic cleaning cycle on the printer device. Go through the manual and follow the instructions. In the main operating menu on printer’s LCD screen, most HP printer devices have cleaning cycle available there.

e. Clean the copper contacts manually. For this, soak a soft cloth in warm water. Now, for few seconds put the copper contacts on a wet cloth. For removing any dry ink or clogged residue wipe the copper contact gently.

f. Then replace the HP color cartridge which doesn’t work with the new ink cartridge. Replace the refilled or generic with the original one. With the help, you can replace the clogged or dried ink without much effort and can continue with the print job again.

Call HP Support Number for more details about the color ink cartridges at HP Printer

If you don’t have much idea about the color ink suitable for your device, then get in touch with the experts at HP Customer Support Number +61-283206004 where they will guide you which color cartridge to pick for your device. You can also reach the team through live chat or via email and we will get back to you with a suitable solution.

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Troubleshooting HP Printer Driver Issues in Easy Steps

In this article we will discuss about how to fix HP printer driver issues. If your printer stopped working, this may be because of driver issues. Try to check first on your own before you call for troubleshooting help.

There are several things related to printer fixing. You need to follow easy simple checks and steps to solve the problem in your printer driver.

Downloading the Printer Driver from HP

Step 1
Go to HP Customer Support

Step 2
Go to Software & Driver Downloads

Step 3
Find your HP model number to get your product

Step 4
You’ll be directed to Download Page where you can find the right drivers type

Step 5
For Windows 10 driver, you need to double-click on the downloaded file

Step 6
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver

Step 7
You can also try for the additional drivers

Step 8
In the end, Select your system version as Windows 10, and click on Update button.

Updating the Printer Driver Using Windows Update

Step 1
Update the drivers through Windows Update

Step 2
Click Start menu and click Settings

Step 3
Go to Settings window

Step 4
Click on Update & security

Step 5
Click on Check for updates, and wait for Windows latest updates on your computer

Step 6
Choose the Driver Type you want to install

Step 7
Click OK button

Step 8
Click Install updates & done

Bottom Line

Securing your HP Printer is an important thing to ensure data safety. Troubleshooting help address the risks and problems in your printers and make them secured. You should also know the printer security guidelines and procedures for implementation of new printers and updating software & driver to ensure your printer works securely and do not become a high risk to your organization.

Support Services

For any further help in troubleshooting, dial HP Printer Support Number Australia +61-283206004 for help in different matters of printer , related updates & HP printer driver installation failed. The experts at HP Printer Support guide you in printer repairing process via the phone or live chat; you can get their services round the clock. So, without any delay contact them if you’re facing any such issues with your HP printer.